Raw Gourmet Delights - Our treats are rawlicious!
About Us
Raw Gourmet Delights is a family operated business, created by Bobbi Main-Jackson, her husband Tom Jackson, and her daughter Jocelin Romero.  Bobbi's daughter Courtney introduced her to the raw food movement in 2008 which led to the inspiration & creation of Raw Gourmet Delights.  The family has a passion for creating whole, healthy, nutritious, foods.  As a child Jocelin and her sister Courtney were lucky enough to have wonderful meals prepared daily by Bobbi who has always been passionate about creating fun, tasty & healthy foods.  Years later Jocelin & Courtney have carried on the same interest with preparing fun & nutritious foods.  Bobbi's husband Tom enjoys helping prepare seasonal foods, gardening, and educating others on the health benefits of eating freshly prepared foods.
Indianapolis, IN 46220
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